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  Thank you to all my friends at hope in Life Church in Carmel NY for all your loving support.

A tree with no roots withers and dies,

A home with no foundation

Crumbles and falls.

A bird with a broken wing

Cannot fly.

Without God

We have no roots, no foundation,

We are just like the bird with a broken wing.

With God

We can soar high above the rest

We will not crumble and fall

Because he is, our foundation.

Peggyann Kaplan
2013 © PTL

My bible

Is the word of God

Given to me so I may know him.

It is his law, his guidance, his living word,

The word of God brings comfort,

Joy to the heavy-hearted,

Faith to the hurting,

God’s word is alive in me.  

Peggyann Kaplan

2013 © PTL

A woman sitting alone on a bench

 A single tear on her cheek

I wonder why she dropped it? 

I said lord, "You know what's wrong,

Touch her make her happy." 

The clouds moved quickly above her

 The sun, shone through. 

Its warmth enveloped her.

 Slowly she looked up,

The corner of her mouth rose to meet the sun 

Ah, there you have it, I said to myself

The son has dried up her tear,

She smiled. 

Thank you lord for answered prayer. 

Peggyann Kaplan

2013 © PTL

Does Jesus live in your home?

Dine with you at meals?

Do you hear his voice

When all is quiet?

When you are sad,

Do you smile

Knowing that he loves you?

He is just a prayer away.


Peggyann Kaplan

2013 © PTL





                                     Given to us as a

                                     Reminder of

                                     All the love Father God

                                     Carries in his heart for


                                      Peggyann Kaplan

                                       2012 © PTL

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